Friday, July 30, 2010

POTW - Photowalk 30 of 52 - WWPD - Lewes, DE

This was the 3rd annual Worldwide Photowalk Day.

I signed up for the Lewes, DE walk not really knowing what to expect.

This turned out to be a great shot, I took three shots and used gimp to remove a couple of people from the best.

I found out about the wwpd last year right after it happened. So this year I was trying to keep an eye for it. I was still too late, the one in New Castle was booked solid so I kept my options open. I was considering driving up to an hour and a half to go to one but I also had another event going on the evening so I had to keep that in mind. Finally I saw a new walk open up in Lewes, DE. I've been meaning to go to Lewes and do one of my weekly photowalks; so this worked out nicely. I'm not crazy about big groups of people but I had fun. There were some really nice people out there, some with big gear and some with point and shoots. For my walk I decided I would just carry my Olympus e-620 with the 14-42 lens and CPL and my trusty Canon A-620 point and shoot. I think they both served me well. I try not to go somewhere wishing I brought another piece of equipment. Shoot with what you have and remember what you didn't for next time. I think I was the only one using an Olympus DSLR, but I love my camera. At the end of the walk I was relieved, it was hot out. We went to the restaurant and it took a while to get service for all of us. Although the photowalk leader let the restaurant know in advance approximately how many people would be showing up, it was still slow. The worst part about the meetup afterwards was the AC. Going into a fairly small restaurant with 50 of us and an AC unit that wasn't keep the place cold to begin with was hard. All in all I had a lot of fun. The photowalk leader was nice and laid back and a good guide. I will keep an eye out for next year to see where she has a walk again.

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  1. Great info!! Did it cost anything to join up with them? Sounds like a cool idea. Thanks, Ben Tebbens.

  2. It's free Ben, we did go to lunch afterwards which costs but it's not mandatory. We had a lot of fun, she said next year we will probably go somewhere else so we'll see where that takes us.