Tuesday, August 03, 2010

POTW - Photowalk 31 of 52 - DE State Fair - Fun and Games

Photowalk 31 of 52 - The Delaware State Fair

I had fun walking around here with the family but as they waited in line I tried to make the most of it and enjoyed the time to myself.

I wanted a fairly close shot of this game, and I took about 34 shots trying to get one with a ball bouncing around. It was really hard to capture the shot and the vendors kept getting in the way. I didn't have a lot of time to focus on photography as I was trying to keep near the family. I had to get up early the next day and it was late when I got home. I'm not overly excited about any of the shots I came back with on this walk. But the fact that I was able to shoot around that many people was pretty good. It was packed, and most people that know me know that I don't like large crowds. Pack that with a Monday following a crazy busy weekend and I was exhausted and ready to quit. I got some okay shots, but isn't that life? Sometimes you just come back and reflect on your time and processes.


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