Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photowalk 32 of 52 - Milford Riverwalk - POTW

Photowalk 32 of 52 - Milford Riverwalk
Me and my daughter went on this walk together, it was a nice afternoon.

A shot of the ceiling of the pavilion. This one is my favorite.

I really like the way the light and shadows look here.

Me and LJ took a walk down at the Milford Riverwalk. I've been meaning to go here for a while now and just check out what was down here. Our walk was very good, the weather was nice but there wasn't a lot of stuff to shoot. My daughter really enjoyed the walk because she kept seeing VW bugs and she would love to have one. She took a picture of most of the ones she saw, and on the walk we ended up seeing one for sale. Talk about torture for her. She is not old enough to drive so I told her to start saving her money now. Overall this was a fun walk, but when I walk at a place I haven't been I find the quality of my photos suffer. I think to some degree I am less relaxed and I can't focus as much on the shot and finding the shot as I would like. At the same time I do like exploring new locations, you never know what you might find and it's cool to kind of catalog the location for future walks or shoots. I seem to be having more and more people wanting me to take pictures of them. Even though I'm not a portrait photographer I do like to dabble around in various techniques and subjects. So I may give it a try, I'm currently looking into get a single studio light and umbrella kit to play around with. Keep shooting!

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