Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photowalk 35 of 52 - Browns Branch County Park - POTW

For this walk my wife was 41 weeks pregnant. So we figured a little walking would be good and might help to get things moving.

We walked a bit and the wind was picking up. Occasionally I would stop to get a shot of her or some fungus. Not much else to shoot that day. As we continued to walk we notice the sky was starting to get darker. Once we got out of the trail we pretty much walked directly back to the vehicle. It never did rain where we were but it must have close to there. I wasn't gonna take any chances with my wife and my camera out in the rain. I've been meaning to buy a poncho or rainproof bag to keep in my camera bag. I guess I need to step up that search.

My wife ended having our baby later in the week, a little girl! And she is beautiful.

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