Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photowalk 34 of 52 - Backyard walk - POTW

I didn't have a real plan for this walk and I started walking around in some of my families backyards (they live close to each other). I think I got some good shots, one of which I've been hoping for is the butterfly with the blue yellow and black.

Once again the art filter pinhole gives some nice tones. I had a lot of fun playing around with different angles for these shots. This spans two family members backyards and I used a 70-300mm macro lens  for most of the shots. I also used a FL-36r flash Olympus FL-36R Wireless Electronic Flash, - Basic Outfit - with 4 NiMH Batteries, Charger, Flashpoint Flash Diffuserfor some of the shots to get separation of fore and background. There are a couple of shots where it looks like it was completely dark outside but it wasn't I was playing with a technique I recently learned to make the background look black in order to create a low key shot. I really love some of the close shots I got in this series. I will probably be using some of these for prints. Sometimes you just never know where you will get the shot. I've been really busy lately but hopefully this won't effect my posting, stay tuned.

In particular I really like this shot below, it is a nice closeup of the butterfly. I used a flash to create the low key effect, it was taken around 6:30 pm, so there was plenty of light left.

Photowalk 34 of 52 - Backyard walk


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