Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photowalk 33 of 52 - Brecknock Park - Manual mode only

Photowalk 33 of 52 - Brecknock Park, originally uploaded by dm|ze.
So for this photowalk I wasn't really feeling it. Till I got out there and then I really enjoyed myself. I put my headphones on and just zoned. I spent two hours here walking around.

The first hour was spent at the butterfly garden. Anyone that knows this area knows this butterfly garden isn't very big. But I decided to really take my time on this walk. I was shooting strictly in manual mode and really focusing on the histogram to see how my exposure was doing. I think the shots came out pretty good and the caterpillars were only found with patience. I was literally getting down low and standing on my toes to find some shots. Trying to move around as much as possible looking for the right angles to shoot. Finally after I felt like I spent enough time walking around the small butterfly garden I decided to start walking the trails. The old barn and house caught my attention and I spent another 10-15 mins with them. The problem with walking trails around this time of year is there isn't much on them or around them to shoot. I got a couple of shots but mostly it's just trees and leaves. After being here for a while I stared smelling someone grilling up at the park and my hunger and the heat forced me to leave. It was a good walk.

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