Monday, July 05, 2010

POTW - Bombay Hook - Photowalk 23 of 52

_5294045, originally uploaded by dm|ze.
For this walk I decided to try out my biking skills while taking shots.

Thank god I did, as this area has so many biting flies ready to pounce on anybody crazy enough to walk it. I had gone here earlier in the year but I wasn't feeling good when I did. Plus, it was before anything was green (although there were no bugs then...) Me and my buddy battle rain and bugs to ride these trails but I still came out with a few good shots. This bird was perched right above my buddies head, it looks like he was building a nest. I got bit quite a bit trying to get this one shot as the bird was quick to get in and out of the nest. Most of the shots I got was of his back end or without him at all. I remember at one point we were riding along and I looked over at my buddy to see how he was doing. He had about 30 deer flies directly behind his head waiting for him to slow up enough for them to land on him! We'll go back there after it gets cooler, and the bugs aren't so bad.

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