Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Photowalk 25 of 52 Cape Henlopen - Reflections

Photowalk 25 of 52 Cape Henlopen - Reflections

Me and a buddy went to Cape Henlopen for a bike ride.

We got there a bit late for a bike ride but we road anyway and got some cool shots.

The deer flies were bad at this time of day and the dragon flies were all over the place.

We still got some cool shots and I must say that Cape Henlopen is one of my favorites places to go. I was using my pop-art and pin hole filters quite a bit that night. Of all the art-filters I really like those two. After it got dark we went to the fishing pier. We got some good shots there too. This shot is one that I've always wanted to take, this is over looking the ferry area. I would like to get a shot like this with some tall buildings and lots of lights but for now this will suffice.


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