Saturday, July 10, 2010

POTW - Photowalk 27 of 52 - 4th of July at Cape Henlopen

Photowalk 27 of 52 - 4th of July at Cape Henlopen State Park

This was an event filled day, other than the fact it was Independence day.

I'm finally getting caught up with posting my photowalk shots.
I know I've been to Cape Henlopen for my photowalk before but it has quickly become one of my favorite places to go. There is a lot to do there and I always enjoy myself.

So as I said this was an event filled day. We got down to Cape Henlopen around 10 am. My buddy showed up shortly after and after fixing up some bike issues we rolled on. The park was filling up quickly because of the fourth of July. We stopped up at the point and walked out a bit. That's where most of my shots were taken including the POTW. This little guy wasn't moving very fast, I think he may have been coming to the end. I cropped the shot and added the vignette in gimp. We continued biking for a another couple of hours. I was staying hydrated pretty good with my new camelback packColeman RTX 200 2L Hydration Pack (Dark Gray/Orange). It holds 2 liters of liquid, plus I threw two ice packs in to keep it cold. In the mean time my buddies wife and kids had left the park to grab lunch. When she tried to return they stated the park is full and they weren't admitting anyone else in. She had already paid for the day and had her ticket to prove it. They told her to keep circling around and they may start letting people in again. After about half an hour they finally let her in and we met up with her. She as furious, as she should have been. She was ready to leave so he left with her. After that my wife and kids were supposed to meet us down there with lunch so we could chill on the beach for a while. She got there about 1.5 hours later and had no problem getting in. Although, cell phone service was really spotty so she couldn't get ahold of me. She did meet up with us by luck. We ate lunch and went out to the bay side. The water was cold but it was hot out so it was nice. The plan was to hang out for a while grab dinner and then come back to CH to see fireworks they were shooting off at Rehoboth beach. I thought it would be kind of cool to see them from more of a distance. I had my DSLR ready to go, so I used my little point and shoot during my bike ride to conserve battery life and because it's a lot smaller. A little while later my head was pounding, it was hot out and I felt miserable. I took some pain killer and drank some water, then laid out on the beach while the rest of them played for a while. Then after a while I knew my headache wasn't going away, in fact, it was getting worse. I told them I was ready to go and we left. I knew I was going to miss the fireworks but I couldn't see straight anyway. I was in some serious pain. Two of the kids saw fireworks the night before at Rock Hall, MD and the other two saw them at Disney a week before. So I wasn't too worried about that. I had to give up my keys because there was no way I was going to drive home. As soon as we got out on the highway we saw traffic. There had been an accident and they were re-routing everyone a different way. It took an extra 45 minutes to get home, the whole time my head was throbbing. When we finally got to Harrington, I relaxed a bit and we had to pull over. I through up pretty much everything I had ate that day. That's a classic sign of a migraine, I was pretty sure it was a migraine before that but now I knew. So we went to a friends house so all the kids could play in the pool for the rest of the day and we could have dinner. Not me, I went in a laid down on the couch. I fell asleep for a while and when I woke up it was after 10 pm. My head still felt pretty bad, but I grabbed some water and walked around outside for a few minutes. Before I knew it I was bent over throwing up more. There wasn't much left to throw up though so it was a lot of dry heaving. Finally I just left my truck there and my wife drove me home. The kids stayed with my sister and we went back the next day to get them. The next morning I woke up and my wife asked me what happened to my eye. I had a black eye! No, I didn't get in a fight. The only thing I can think may have happened it one of two scenarios. First, my wife may have elbowed me in the middle of the night, she doesn't like it when I snore! More realistically though I think I popped a blood vessel the second time I threw up. I know that I was straining really hard since there wasn't anything in my stomach. I really don't get migraines too often but when I do they are nasty. Normally once I throw up my migraine feels better, not this time. Next time I will make sure to not be out there as long. I missed the fireworks, and as cliche as they are I still enjoy photos of fireworks from the fourth. I think I'm going to buy another bladder for my camelback, as mine will hold up to an 8 liter bladder.

Stay safe when your out in the heat shooting, plan and take breaks. I felt fine for most of the day, the headache came on pretty suddenly but once it did it came on fiercely.
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