Wednesday, July 07, 2010

POTW - Photowalk 24 of 52 - White Lake, NC

This week we were in North Carolina visiting family.

My little sis graduated High School and we were down to watch the ceremony. While we were there we went to White Lake. It was nothing like I remember. The whole place is built up around it and there are only small public beaches. Either way we had a lot of fun and this was the only chance I got to walk around with my little sis to shoot stuff. She has a Canon XSI and has shown an interest in photography. This is a shot of my kids and my niece and nephew. I was standing on a pier and held my precious camera out over the water to get the shot with them looking up. I do love my swivel lcd screen on the Olympus e-620, it makes getting shots like this a lot easier than just guessing.


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