Monday, July 05, 2010

Photowalk 22 of 52 (Killen's Pond - Black and White)

So after frreezing my butt off at the Peace, Love and Horseshoe crab event I decided to go for a nice peaceful photowalk. It was great weather and there was enough sunlight for a nice walk. On my way over to Killen's Pond I decided I needed to make this different from the other Killen's pond walks. So on my way over I decided to shot in black and white.

I have no idea what the text means but I really like the way it looks in black and white. There was a really funny story to go along with this post about a group a 3 women and a man. Shortly after I got on the trail I was switching lenses and the group of people came up behind me. They asked me about what I was shooting and I showed them. The continued on down the trail as I continued to walk and shoot. I ended up running into them again as they came back from a little overlook. One of the women had lost her balance and fell into the pond, she was drenched! But she was able to laugh about it and she was okay. She really made me smile that day, I'm glad that they stopped to talk to me. Sometimes it's not all about the shot you capture but it can also be about the story that you capture to go along with it.
Here she is with one of he friends:
POTW - Photowalk 22 of 52 (Killen's Pond - Black and White)
I'm not sure what their names are but they seemed to enjoy the walk.

I also ran into the group of boys...
Photowalk 22 of 52 (Killen's Pond - Black and White)

They were so nice, as I came down to this overlook they immediately told me they would move out of the way for me to take a picture. I didn't have them move, instead I struck up a conversation with them and they told me all about their baseball game earlier in the day. Then I asked if they would gaze out over the pond so I could snap a shot like that. They were very respectful and it was fun to talk with them.

This was the best photowalk I had in a while, I put my music on and enjoyed the walk stopping and talking to people along the way.

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