Monday, March 01, 2010

POTW - Marshland Walk 7 of 52

POTW - Marshland, originally uploaded by dm|ze.
Okay, so after my hiatus last week I'm feeling much better and it was good to get out and have a walk.

This week the plan was to go somewhere and put on the headphones and just enjoy my alone time. Well, things change.
First, I allowed my daughter to tag along. She seemed bored and we enjoy our time away from life while we are walking around looking for the next shot. Sometimes if we are walking around for a long time (3 hours or so) she gets to be a bit talkative which takes away from the serenity. When she is with me I don't put on my headphones, we chat and I try to teach her a little bit about photography while she uses one of my other cameras to take pictures. Sometimes we'll share shots while we are walking but I try to keep the focus on the next shot, not the one we just took. So for this week I figured I would check out Kitts Hummock. It's a local beach that I've heard about many many times but I've never been there. This is one of my goals for these photowalks, to check out local places that I've never been to. There are a lot of great places around and I need to start checking them out and enjoying their beauty. Well, we get to Kitts Hummock and I just can't find any place to park. I see the public beach access but there are no parking lots or anything like that. I drive around for a few minutes, the area is actually quite small. I thought about parking in a few places but it seemed really edgy. So we decided to move on we would find another place to do the walk. Close by we found the Ted Harvey Wildlife Refuge. So we figured we would jump in there and check it out. Once again, I've seen this place on the map plenty of times but I had never been here. I wish I would've had my camera out. We got about a quarter of a mile into the trail and 6 deer jumped single file over the path in front of us. It probably would've been a cool shot. This area was rather big so we pretty much drove around the trails and hopped out when we saw something that might be interesting. There was a lot of brown and still some snow in these wooded areas. One of the problems with winter right now is I'm sick of seeing so much colorless, lifeless scenes. Brown is fine but I've had my fill for now, bring on spring and lets see some color. We drove around this area for about 2-3 hours. I kept my eyes peeled for any more deer but we really didn't see much more life. I snapped about 30 shots total but some of them just didn't turn out how I wanted. I was using my new used OM Soligor 35mm - 140mm Macro lens. It is all manual focus, so I'm still working with that. Sometimes what looks in focus in the camera turns out to be slightly out of focus on the computer. But I did get a couple of macro shots that I liked, and they made me realize that spring is in full preparation. I will have to come back to this area once things start coming back to life, I bet there would be a lot of cool things to see here. I also think I need to start having a backup location in case something falls through with the original location. I never would have expected I couldn't find a parking spot at a public beach in February! Check out my flickr for more shots from my photowalks.

Till next time...


  1. When I go to Kitts Hummock, I always park at the stop sign, just pull off the road on Bay Rd just south of the intersection. No one's ever given me a hard time for it. It's an easy walk from the Ted Harvey beach access too, though. :)

  2. I will have to try that again sometime. It's still on the list of photowalks to take. I didn't realize you could get to it from the Ted Harvey area. I plan to check out the Ted Harvey location again once the green starts coming back.