Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photowalk 7 of 52??? or not... (a revised 2010 photowalk project)

So here goes...  I hate to say it but this past week I didn't get out and take any shots.
Before I continue I want to say a few things. 

  • First, I'm not making excuses.
  • Second, I've already beat myself up over this.
  • Third, I don't consider this a failed attempt.
So Monday I really should have jumped out there and did the walk, and had I known how the rest of the week would have turned out I would have.  I was bitterly cold and after being stuck in the house for a few days with my family I was really looking forward to some alone time on this walk.  It was President's day so I was home with the kids and therefore couldn't take a walk by myself.  So I figured over the weekend I would take a nice long and peaceful walk by myself.  Who would've known that Tuesday after being out of work 10.5 days for snow (wow that was a lot) I would suddenly feel a bit sick.  Just the aches of sickness.  By the time I got home it was with fever and sore throat.  The next morning after taking an early night and trying to let rest fix my illness, I felt even worse, so I stayed home.  Thursday morning I was feeling a bit better and I am really back log at worked so I popped some vitamins and went to work.  It wasn't my most productive day at work but at least it was better than sitting at home not getting anything done.  Friday rolled around, I had a big day ahead of me with a lot to get done.  Luckily Friday morning I felt pretty good, I got done what I needed just before lunch so I moved on to other projects that demand my attention.  After lunch I started feeling worse and worse.  Now keep in mind that this was Feb 19th (the 50th day of the year). Now I had read a while back that Jennifer of has a project for the 50th day of the year. The project is to take 50 shots using your 50mm on the 50th day of the year.  I thought that was a really cool idea and since this year would be my first year actually owning a 50mm lens it was a perfect time to do it.  I was actually planning on cheating a bit a using my 50 mm on a photowalk  and using some of those shots in both the photowalk and the 50 shots.  But I had a lot of ideas for the 50 shots other than what I was going to get on the photowalk.  Well as I'm sure you guessed by now by Friday night when I got home I really felt bad.  I barely did anything.  I did however, take my camera with my to a play place with my wife and kids.  We met up with my wifes cousin and her kids.  I ended up sitting at the table the whole time feeling worse and worse.  I couldn't even get myself to bring out my camera for a few shots as my head was pounding and my vision was blurring.  Luckily when we left we ended up taking the kids to my wife's cousin's house for the night.  That was a great relief and it was even better once we got home.  I decided that the 50 shots wasn't a huge loss as long as I did my photowalk.  So I figured I would really rest up Friday night and Saturday so I would feel pretty good by Sunday for a photowalk.  The last few photowalks really haven't been special more of a chore because of all the snow we've received lately.  So I wanted to enjoy this one a bit more.  Well Saturday came and went and I didn't get any better and Sunday came and went still not feeling any better.  I had a fever through most of the weekend coupled with the other symptoms and a headache to boot.  Sunday as I slowly watched the light get dimmer and dimmer in the afternoon I really beat myself up over the fact that I should be out there shooting a photowalk.  I tourmented myself for hours on Sunday thinking of how I have failed my project with only 7 weeks in.  Now I knew that I couldn't do a 365, my life is way too hectic for that kind of commitement.  But I refuse to feel like I've failed this project.  Stuff happens and I get sick. Normally when I get sick it's not for a whole week like that (today Wednesday was my first day back to work from being sick).  I'm not going to beat myself up for getting sick, it's not something that I can control and I did what I could to try to get better.  Finally I ended up going to the doc on Monday late afternoon.  I hate to say it but it was time, now I'm taking my antibiotics and starting to feel a bit better.  So I am adjusting my project to continue.  I do not expect to have to miss another week but there are some reasons that are justified.  I will now be calling this my 2010 photowalk project.  51 photowalks just doens't sound as good and it still wouldn't be consecutive.  My photowalks are meant to push me to be creative, not push my health.  My photowalks are meant to get me to explore new locations in my area and wherever I may roam.  My photowalks are supposed to be my time, to slow down, relax and see my surroundings.  So my photowalk project is working and I can't call that a failure.  Thanks for the support and I hope to have a great photowalk this weekend.  I didn't recently get some new gear that will be cool to play with.

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