Thursday, February 11, 2010

POTW - Photowalk 5 of 52 (Blizzard of Feb 2010)

So wow, we got a lot of snow this week! As winter continues to press on the weather changes lives. This week was supposed to be our polar bear plunge. We ended up getting snowed out. Now please keep in mind that this is only the second time in 16 years this has happened. I'm not complaining, it's been pretty bitterly cold out here lately. But that did put a damper on my photowalk for the week. I was planning on going for a photowalk the morning of the polar bear plunge and getting some good beach shots. But I guess that'll now happen around March 14th. So in my area we got right around 2 feet of snow, plus tons of wind so we were actually in a blizzard. Once I got dug out I decided I would do a photowalk just checking out the surrounding areas. It was very cold but my daughter decided to go with me. She ended up not taking a single picture because she was trying to keep her hands warm in her gloves. I had a couple of shots in mind, but I really wanted to just get out and see how the area was effected. This was my favorite shot of the walk and the one that I really had pressing in my mind. There was one thing that is missing from my ideal shot, light trails. I really wanted to have some car light trails on the highway here but I forgot my tripod at home. I will end up getting the shot I want, I'm just not sure if it will have all the snow in it. We just got another 12 or so inches today so I will be digging out again.
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You have to love how well people cleared the tops of their vehicles to drive around!

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