Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photowalk 6 of 52- POTW

Photowalk 6 of 52- POTW, originally uploaded by dm|ze.
Better a day late than never... I tried to set a limit of Wednesday to post my photowalk shots. I knew at some point that rule would be broken but I do try to post by Wednesday. Oh well, I'm just glad I have shots for this week. And guess what, it's more snow!!!
It's hard to find anything to shoot that doesn't have snow in the frame at the moment. After a week of shoveling and being out in the freezing cold and wind I barely wanted to pick up my camera. This weeks shoot was rather blah but I tried to capture some good color out of the setting sun. At that point I realized I forgot my tripod at home. I tried to keep the shots as steady as possible. On top of that I got sick on Tuesday and felt that's why I didn't get the shots up by Wednesday. I know I know, bad planning... I never said I was a good planner! I love the colors in these shots. I'm absolutely sick of snow and I'm kind of starting to be ready for spring.

I do have some new gear though... I picked up a set of OM extension tubes for my camera and also a FL-36R flash. I'm hoping to start playing with some macro stuff. The flash will help some with the macros but it will also help with the family shots. Lighting really is crucial and as much as I hate flash it can really save a shot sometimes. It's all about knowing when you need it and when you don't, and what settings to use it with. Another journey of mine opening up. Stay tuned to my flickr for some shots utilizing both my new toys.

Till next time...

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