Monday, March 22, 2010

Photowalk 10 of 52 - Rehoboth Beach, DE

POTW - Photowalk 10 of 52

So we were down at the beach for the polar bear plunge ( We had a great time as usual and enjoy the weather even though it wasn't great. We generally go down to the beach on the night before the plunge and stay the night at a hotel. We hang out for a good chunk of the weekend so my photowalk for the week consists of shots taken anywhere in that time frame.

There are a lot of cool things here at Rehoboth to see, and I got some good shots. I had a lot of fun walking around with the family.

I chose this weeks POTW because it was a shot that I didn't really think about doing until I was stuck waiting for the rest of my group to catch up. I started looking around for shots to take and this one really caught my eye. I used the Pop art filter from Olympus on this, which is built into the e-620. I don't use the art filters too often but when I do I almost always enjoy the results. Please check out the rest of my photowalk shots at my 52 photowalks for 2010 set on flickr.

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