Tuesday, March 16, 2010

POTW - Bombay Hook - Photowalk 9 of 52

POTW - Bombay Hook, originally uploaded by dm|ze.
I had a chance to do two walks in one week, so I took it. It was pretty hard for me to get up early on both of my days off over the weekend but it was worth it. I have never been to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge until now. It was pretty cool, I will definitely be returning.
I was invited to meet up with some online contacts. I had met one of them before at a photowalk and I was glad to get to meet up again. I met up wit 8 other people for this "walk", which is more of a drive. I was the only one shooting with an Olympus and since I recently got a new (used) lens I was using it. The new lens is a Soligor 35-140mm macro OM lens, manual focus only. This trip reminded me I need to work on manual focusing more, most of the time the focus was good but sometimes it was pretty far off. I learned a few more things on this trip.
* I need a longer lens, my longest lens is a 150mm, which is okay but not so much for wildlife.
* Going with a group is great but sometimes you are going to go at different speeds, so sometimes it is nice to be alone at your own pace.
* My truck is loud, I'm considering investing in a mountain bike for some of these treks. I bike would be more exercise and much more quiet to be able to sneak up on wildlife and get a shot.

I really wasn't feeling great for this photowalk and after a few hours I was ready to go home. I will be taking another trip here maybe around May. I did get some pretty good shots but we didn't see any creatures other than birds and photogs.

I cant' wait for it to get a little warmer and let spring commence.

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