Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photowalk 8 of 52 - Historic New Castle - POTW

For my eight photowalk I was going to be in Northern Delaware. So, I figured while I'm up there lets take advantage of a change of scenery. I was up in the area taking some shots for a friend. They so happened to be of his re-modeled bathroom and how bad of a job the company did. While I'm on the floor taking shots of the tile work I hear a camera shutter???
My buddy snapped a few shots of me crawling around the bathroom floor with my camera and has now dubbed me the Bathroom Photographer! :) So I got those shots done and wanted to go somewhere to take some shots. He took me to Historic New Castle. There is a lot of cool things in a place like this. First off, the weather was great, almost hitting 60 F. There were a lot of people out which tends to make some shots more difficult. So we went into the cemetery. Not too many people walk around cemeteries so they tend to be less crowded. When I saw this church steeple I had to try a panoramic shot. I think it turned out pretty good. I need to work on the overall composition of my work though. I've learned a few things this week. First off I wasn't feeling great, that is obviously going to impact a photowalk. Second, it's difficult to get into my mindset when I have someone else with me. It's not so bad when it's just me and my daughter. But if it's someone that I don't know real well or someone that isn't looking for the next shot I feel like I may be holding them up. Sometimes I will meticulously take a shot 10 times. Or slowly comb over areas looking for shots. It's hard to do that if you feel like you are being rushed. I do like the Soligor 35-140mm Macro lens I picked up on ebay. It is an OM lens and seems to do pretty good. This photowalk I strictly shot RAW, which made me do a little more post-processing. I did this because I only have a 2GB CF card and I wasn't sure how many shots I would take. I figured RAW is still better than JPG and if I only shot in RAW it would save some space.
I will try to post the next photowalk soon,  took two this past week.  This was to make up for missing one a few weeks ago.
Next: My first visit to Bombay Hook NWR
Till next time...

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