Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So I've decided...

I've decided to take on a photography project for 2010 year.  I thought long and hard about a 365 project and really just couldn't imagine the stress of coming up with a shot a day that I would be comfortable sharing.
I mean the project is supposed to help your skills not drain them.  Then I really tossed around a 52 project in which I would take a once a week and share it, much more doable.  It would still be a bit hectic here and there but still manageble.  Recently I started following a blog at that is centered around photography.  She shares a 52 photowalks project with everyone, and I think that's what I've decided to do.  This is still simple but a little challenging.  The rules:
  • I must leave my house (This is the whole reason I decided to do a photowalk 52 over just any 52 project. That's not to say that some weeks I may not just take a 30 minute walk from my house, but the idea is to get away from my house)
  • Shots must be posted by the end of Sunday middle of the week (Sorry, but I realized that my original thought was impractical). Hopefully I will have time to touchup the shots before I post them but sometimes that may not happen. I am also try to get my workflow hammered down in 2010 so this is going to be a crucial step in that.  I will be posting the shots to flickr and blog them on here. The only way I may end up breaking this rule legitimately is with a hardware or internet failure.  I just replaced the motherboard in my system (after a week with no internet) so hopefully that won't happen.  
The idea here is to get me to think about my photography,  without a lot of rules in place that gives me some flexibility.  Hopefully it will open me up to going to some of the wonderful places around my area, and I think it will keep my eye sharp as I will always be looking for that shot to share.

Another quickie goal for me this year will be the 50 shots with a 50mm on the 50th day of the year.  Another item from that I thought would be fairly quick but fun project to share.  This will be the first year with my new DSLR and I am excited to see what I can do, plus I recently picked up a used 50mm f/1.4 lens for it.

If anyone would like to join in on any of these feel free to post comments and/or join the group on flickr 52 photowalks.

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  1. I felt a little drained after my project 365 (it was my first one, done last year, but it was a cool thing to try and I am going to do it again; I just don't know when. Good luck.