Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project 4 - Smoke Photography

For my 4th photography project I decided to do smoke photography.  I had a lot of fun doing this but there were some issues that I ran into.  First, it is really tough to control smoke.  If there is any draft the smoke will move to wherever it wants to.  It's also tough to focus on smoke in low light.  I found that the first 10 shots were not quite in focus when I reviewed them to see what I was getting.
I also found that my new Canon 600EX-RT flash gets considerably hotter than my Olympus FL-36R flash and melted a magenta colored gel when it got too close while shooting.  Oops!  Oh well, I'm doing this to learn and I did.  Either way check out my shot for the week below.  I did quite a few shots this week and will post them on my flickr, my G+, and my facebook pages.  I see things in my smoke photography and I'm curious to know if anyone else sees things.  Post a comment to any of my shots and tell me what you see.

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