Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photowalk 49 of 52 - Prime Hook NWR

Photowalk 49 of 52 - Prime Hook NWR

Trees and Snow
I really enjoyed getting out here and walking.  It has been on my list since early in the year that I should go and check this place out.  After my issues with bugs at bombay hook I decided that I would wait till it got colder.  That I did, as you can see the snow in the shots. 

It was rather cold out and in some parts the wind was very brutal.  The snow was slick and the path was thin in some areas.  I was out here for quite a while and it was peaceful.  This was a very cool place to go to and I will head back here at some point.  I only traveled on one trail but there are multiple trails out here.  Some where hard to get to because of the snow so I will wait till it warms up a little to go back.  It'll probably be sometime in the fall actually.

Sorry it's taking so long to get them all posted.  It has been hectic at work and just lots to do.  Photography is supposed to help relieve stress so I don't want to stress over getting things posted too much. 

I am currently working on getting some of my post processing procedures to be more efficient, but in learning how to do things more efficiently I find I "play" a lot and that takes time.

Hopefully I will actually post some linux and gimp tips this year.  I will run down my plans and ideas for the blog soon.  I just need to get the remaining photowalks edited and posted.  Till then check out my flickr.


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