Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photowalk 46 of 52 - Browns Branch County Park

Photowalk 46 of 52 - Browns Branch County Park

Photowalk 46 of 52 - Browns Branch County Park - POTW
I really didn't have the energy to go on this photowalk but I decided I really needed to go. I haven't had as much energy of late for photography, not saying that I don't enjoy it anymore but I think I needed something of a break.  Not just from photography but a lot of things.  Work has been rather hectic lately and life in general has been busy.  I know it's no excuse but it's the truth.  Sometimes we all just need a break.  I'm hoping at this point to be able to get all of my photowalks in before the end of the year but we'll see how that goes.  A bit of lazyness and the hectic holidays may make me late. 

After one of my recent shoots with a friend from flickr I have been trying to work on my HDR skills a little more. HDR can be very frustrating. First you have the people that discount it immediately, then you have the people that over do it and just make things look gaudy. I like the idea of doing HDR where it adds a little to the picture but doesn't define the picture entirely. I think some of my recent work has done that and I really owe that technique and inspiration to Matt Reder (M.Reder HDR Set). We went on a photowalk a couple of weeks ago and we had a lot of fun. I really like the way HDR works with reflections and landscapes. Its really cool to see a fairly bland scene transform into a beautiful scene with a little magic! Another frustrating part to HDR is how you can spend hours working on a group of shots and in the end it just doesn't work out. I've had the happen quite a few times now and it bothers me to waste time like that. But that is part of the game I supose. It wont keep me from shooting bracketted shots in hopes that it may come up with a nice image. Sometimes you know a group of shots will turn out nice but others are more of a gamble. Sorry its taken so long for me to post but I've really been trying to enjoy the family lately and I've been working on other projects. Like playing the Wii (need to have some relaxing time) and working on Christmas shopping and Christmas pictures for people and figuring out my new android phone... which I'm using to type this. 

There wasn't a lot happening that day but the sky looked like it could open up a bit.  There was no one at the park and it was rather cold, dreary, and windy.  This weather has also kept me from having the energy to get out and shoot.  Normally after I get over the initial blah of going and get on my way I really enjoy myself and come back with some decent shots.  That's not always the case, I've had a few photowalks this year that I didn't publish because I didn't feel like I got anything good from it.  I am debating on weather or not I should post them.  We'll see... 
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