Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photowalk 46 of 52 (Fall at Mirror Lake)

Photowalk 46 of 52 (Fall at Mirror Lake)

Mother/Daughter Photoshoot

This wasn't meant to be a walk, but it turned out pretty good so I decided it should be counted as a walk.

I did these as a favor for my daughter, and I think they turned out nice.

Check out more of the shots at my flickr.

I went here with my daughter and met her mom so I could be nice and take some portrait shots of them together. I actually had a lot of fun and the light was awesome, it was right in that golden hour time frame. We first came upon the scene of the POTW and I knew I had to get some shots of it by itself. I also used it a bit for a backdrop of the two of them.

Photowalk 46 of 52 (Fall at Mirror Lake)
BHL On Black

I really had a lot of fun doing this shoot and it is so rare for me to shoot people. But the lighting was great and my subjects were being nice and patient. When I do want to shoot people it is very difficult to find someone willing to be patient for me to practice with. I guess it worked out nicely for the both of us.

For the potw I used a raw file and RawTherapee to get several exposures out to jpg. Then I used qtpfsgui to do the hdr and tone mapping. Then I took that into gimp and a bit more work. It was a lot of work and time but I think it came out nice. I don't do many HDR shots as I don't like to overuse this. It's best done sparingly.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.


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