Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photowalk 45 of 52 - White Clay Creek - POTW

Photowalk 45 of 52 - White Clay Creek

First time going up here, but I've been trying to figure out when I could get up here for months now. It's a bit of a drive, at least for me at just under an hour and a half. So, I finally made it up there and met up with a flickr contact (M.Reder) that lives nearby.

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Check out some of M.Reder's stuff here:
  The road home
M.Reder on Flickr
 He does some great work and he is very good with gimp.

I went up here not really knowing what to expect so I brought a wide range of lenses with me. I really wasn't seeing a lot to shoot. That's okay by me though, just soaking it all in a learning about the place will allow me to be more comfortable and find things to shoot next time. I did bring home some pretty good shots. It took me a few days to get to look at them so I was pleasantly surprised to see how good some of them turned out. Once again, I'm using RAW with manual camera settings. Most of the fall colors are leaving us at this point in the year but as you can see in my shots some of the yellows didn't get the hint. But it worked for me because I had something to shoot. We went on a nice walk and his little daughter tagged along. She started getting a bit grumpy so we turned around (I was getting a little beat myself). I guess we were pretty close to the Pennsylvania border when we turned around. This area is the most hilly I've ever seen in Delaware so it was different terrain than what I'm used to. I still had some sort of creative block, but I did enjoy the company and the tour that Matt gave me. I chose this picture of a path that I did because I really like the way the light was lighting it, the colors are so vivid and it really shows off our fall season. We ran into another flickr friend around the time we were heading out. He had some great shots that day as well, maybe next time we'll all be able to go for a walk together. You can check out his stream Glenn Ferrell's stream.

Thanks for checking my shots out.

I'm really counting down my 52 phowotalks project at this point. There is so much more I would like to do but I just don't have time. I've really enjoyed this project this year, although there have been some tough weeks. I do feel like I've accomplished a couple of goals from this project. I'll talk more in depth about this as the walks wind down. As of now I have 7 photowalks that I need to complete by the end of 2010.

Till next time..

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  1. Nice photo. Sometimes it's nice to see the more neutral colors of the season. Seeing fall/winter back east reminds me of home. Nice shot and I'm glad you got to meet up with a couple flickr friends!