Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Review of Black Rapid Straps RS4 Black Fabric, Lightweight and Low Profile, with ConnectR-2 and FastenR-2

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Black Rapid Straps RS4 Black Fabric, Lightweight and Low Profile, with ConnectR-2 and FastenR-2

Great addition

By DM|ZE from Delaware on 10/31/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Comfortable, Adjustable, Well Padded

Cons: Difficult to Attach

Best Uses: Long shoot, Comfort, Photowalk

Describe Yourself: Photo Enthusiast

Was this a gift?: No

I really like this over the original strap. I like the extra pocket it's big enough for me to carry extra cards or an extra battery. I don't like that sometimes it gets twisted a bit but I'm getting used to grabbing it so it won't twist as much. Also, I don't like the anchor point. Seldom do I use a tripod so that's not a big deal but I have a battery grip, and it makes it a little tough to hold the camera in portrait orientation with the big hook in the way. It's still possible but I wonder if it could be better.



  1. Someone recommended this to me over at and I'm wondering what you think. You said you prefer it to the strap the camera came with. Is it really that much better? And how? If I have the money left over from getting a new tripod maybe I'll check it out but I want to be sure it's worth it. Thanks!

  2. Hey Kat,

    This is a great addition to my DSLR. I really like how you where it "rambo" style or cross-shoulder. It makes for easy walking and shooting. I also feel like it limits the amount of swing of the camera when you are moving around trying to get your composition lined up or even moving around setting up lighting. It seems like a lot of money for a device that comes standard with your camera. However, after walking around for hours with my camera on my neck and feeling the strain in my shoulders the following day, I thought it couldn't hurt. I've tried to use my original neck strap cross-shoulder but it was also to small and even if it would work it was tough to get the camera up to my eye for the shot. This strap makes all this better, consider it an upgrade. The thing I really like about it is that it should last me for a long time, at least a few bodies worth. Like I said if you use a tripod often it might be a pain, but I think there are some DIY ways around this, something to tinker with when I get time! Oh and I really like the little pocket on the strap for the extra cards, it's quite convenient.


  3. Thanks! I'm small enough to wear my canon strap cross body but I agree that it can be hard to get it to my eye in the moment. The pocket on the Black Rapid strap and the extra padding would be a nice addition. I'll let you know when/if I get one!