Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Photowalk 41 of 52 (CBBT)

Photowalk 41 of 52 (CBBT), originally uploaded by dm|ze.
This was a quick little walk while we were stretching our legs from our trip. We normally try to stop here on the bridge, if for nothing else, to stretch our legs and use the facilities. I always enjoy walking around out here, but I've also been here at 3 am and it felt creepy!

We were on our way back from visiting family in North Carolina and decided to stop on the bridge. They have recently renovated the inside of the building and it is very different. Now there is a lot less merchandise to buy and more of a focus on the restaurant. It seemed a bit fancy to me, but I guess I just remember how it has been forever. It was the baby's first time stopping but she didn't go out on the pier. I always like seeing the ships that are passing nearby and the city of Norfolk on the one side. This would probably be a good spot to see the city lights, and possibly some fireworks if they set them off near there. I chose this particular shot because I really like the tones in the image and I think it came out nicely. It kind of looks like they are in an endless ocean, just enjoying the day.

Hopefully soon I will get caught up. This past week I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival... so stay tuned for shots from that.

And you can check out more photos on my flickr...


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