Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Photowalk 16 of 52 - Lewes, DE

Beach House - POTW

I know I know... I'm about a week late on posting this but I've been busy.  I did make sure that I at least took the photowalk! 
This week I went down to Lewes, DE.  The family and I went to the holistic health fair for a while and then we went to Cape Henlopen State Park for a bit.  The POTW is while we were sitting on the tailgate waiting for our ice cream to come out.  I always love to look at the beach houses and see the cool colors they have.  I've never really understood why all the fun paint schemes seem to be at the beach.  After DQ we went down to CH to play some disc golf.  It was our first time ever playing and we did horrible.  In our defense though it was crazy windy!  Either way we had fun but we quit after about 6 holes.  We will have to come back and play again sometime. For this I decided to leave the camera in the truck, sometimes you just have to enjoy life without looking through the lens.


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