Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Photowalk 17 - On the farm

POTW - Pop art barn- Photowalk 17 of 52 (On the farm)

Photowalk 17 - On the farm

Since I had plans to help the family get some stuff together for a yard sale and

I was up way earlier than I cared to be; my photowalk plans changed.  Big shock there... So after baking in the hot sun for a bit I finally got up the energy to go on a walk.  Since I was at my aunt and uncle's farm I figured I would do my walk there.  I enjoy walking around the farm and looking for shots, but I must say I had no energy when doing this walk.  Which seems to be a reoccurring issue at the moment.  The weather was great but it has gotten a bit cold, very windy and now rainy.  I won't complain too much because I know in parts of the world the weather is much more severe.

My POTW this week is a barn sitting on their property.  I used the "pop art" filter which made the rust and crust pop a bit.  I realy like the pop art and the pin hole filters.  Thanks for tuning in I know it's a bit late again.  I am at least getting the photowalks done on time!

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