Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome 2012 and another photo project

Well 2012 is upon us already and after being fairly stagnant with my photography and blogging during 2011 I have been trying to figure out how to revive that passion.  I will say that 2011 particularly the end of it was quite busy, but I do enjoy my photowalks.  They are a great way to get away and see some cool places.
I feel like I need a project in order to stay focused on my photography.  Don't get me wrong, I do love photography.  I also know that when I get busy certain things tend to get put off.  I need the structure of a schedule and to me me one of the best ways to get that structure is by using a 52 * project.  I really enjoyed my 52 photowalks of 2010 and I've loved showing off my recent photo book to everyone I know.  However, I did have a few issues with my 52 photowalks project.  One of those issues was that was almost the only thing I wanted to shoot.  My goals for the project were to get out and explore new places, I would say that I completed that goal.  I didn't shoot some of the other things I wanted to because it didn't necessary fit into my project and I had limited time.  Some of the things I wanted to shoot were around my house, playing with different lighting techniques, doing some product shots, or even some indoor portraits.  All of these would be breaking my only rule for the project, I have to leave my house. So now I need to find a nice compromise for a photography project for 2012.   So here is what I'm planning, I will do a 52 photo project, some of theses (probably most) will be photowalks but some maybe right around around the house working on technique and lighting.  With a project like this you need to have goals right?  My goals for this project will be to continue to blog my experience, learn new things, explore new places, and enhance my photographic and editing skills.  I'm not going to set rules for this project because I don't want to limit my ability.  I know this year is going to be hectic so why create more obstacles for a hobby.  I hope you'll join me here to see what I see and if you have a similar project that you would like to plug, leave it in a comment below.  I also plan to do the 50/50/50 again this year.

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