Friday, February 04, 2011

Photowalk 52 of 52 - St. Jones Greenway Pt. 2

Photowalk 52 of 52 - St. Jones Greenway Pt. 2

Photowalk 52 of 52 - St. Jones Greenway Pt. 2

So finally the last photowalk I needed to complete my 52 photowalks.  This was a heck of a journey for me.  There were lots of ups and downs, but we'll get to those.

I enjoyed the St. Jones Greenway Pt. 1 the day before and I was still very intrigued as to where it all ended up.  So for my last photowalk I decided to check the rest of it out.  I started where I ended the day before, it was New Years Eve so I had to finish my last photowalk today.  I really got sidetracked a bit and ended up getting out a little later than I wanted to.  At least I wasn't out there in the dark, although sometimes that can be fun.  So not very far into the walk a got a call from a friend, I ended up talking for quite a while and I think that sidetracked me a bit more.  I didn't bring back a lot of shots and of those I only ended up editing three of them.  I originally chose six, but upon closer inspection decided the others weren't up to par.  For my photo of the week I decided on another HDR creation of mine.  I think it was the last shot of the night and I really liked the colors.  This portion of the trail didn't offer a great deal of photographic opportunity but none the less it was a pretty cool place to check out. You never know where that next great shot is waiting so checking out locations like this are not a waste of time.  Actually there are some pretty cool places in this trail to do portrait shots so I will keep those in mind.  I will come back to this location to continue to look for other shots that may be hiding.  You really never know when the seasons and light are always changing, the shot may only be there during certain times of the year or certain times of the days.  Don't let one visit deter you from a site.

I will be doing a run down of my favorite shots, my experiences, and other take away items soon so keep tuned.  I haven't been taking a lot of shots lately, I've been reading a lot and trying to get my photographic goals for the future organized a bit.  I am also working on what types of things I will continue to post on this blog.  So stay tuned for all of that to come to light and in the mean time check out my flickr.


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