Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photowalk 38 of 52 - Lavender Fields - POTW

Photowalk 38 of 52 - Lavender Fields
For this walk I planned to go to Lavender Fields in Milton. I saw this vendor at the Lewes Photowalk back in July and I've been meaning to go and check it out.
The lavender was a bit bland looking but I think I came away with some great shots. I will try to go back here during prime lavender season.

I really need to start getting out to shoot earlier in the day. I ended up getting down here around 2:30 pm. Not exactly prime time to be shooting pictures. The sun is harsh and it is hot. I got down here and it wasn't quite what I had expected. It's nice little area with a lot of shooting possibilities. I first met someone from the Lavender Fields at the Lewes WorldWide Photowalk day. They were a vendor at the Lewes Farmers Market. The first item on my agenda was to check out the store. Wow... as soon as I walked in the store my sinus' cleared right up. The beautiful fragrance of lavender just consumed the store. I spoke with the lady in the store for a few minutes and walked around checking out the merchandise. They have some really cool products from their lavender. I tasted some jam that was lavender, cranberry and something. It was delicious! Then I walked outside and started looking for shots. I am still trying to shoot mostly in manual and I pulled that off this time too. I am also only shooting raw but up until now I was primarily using picasa to "develop" the raw files. The options are limited. If I could find a nice program that had the organizational components of picasa but also had the raw processing capabilities of UFRAW that would be great. I think I may try out Bible labs again in the near future. Anyway the walk was nice, there was also an artist exhibition in one of the buildings. I briefly walked through the area and checked out the art work but no one was around. I also saw a couple of artists in the field painting the silos pictured above. They were very nice to talk to. There were some really beautiful flowers around and I enjoyed my walk.

After I left here I met up with the family at the beach for a second photowalk. I missed one recently due to being completely congested so badly that I couldn't see straight. So we met up at the beach for dinner and a walk. I will be posting those images soon but for a teaser it was my new daughters first time to the beach.

Check out more shots at www.fluidr.com/photos/dmize/


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